Old Ncert Books PDF with Solution {Class 12,11,10,9,8,7,6}

Old Ncert Books PDF with Complete Solution in Hindi & English


Old Ncert Books PDF


Download Old Ncert Books PDF: Do you also want to download Old NCERT Books into pdf format, then just download Old NCERT Books on just one click because EXAMPURA provides you the most accurate and best quality PDF files so that you can prepare well for all your upcoming exams.

So far, more than 15 lakh people have benefited by downloading this Complete Old Ncert Books PDF, you too have been able to achieve success by downloading Old Ncert Books’ wonderful book and preparing for your exams better.

Old NCERT Books History

Old NCERT History Class 6 – Romila ThaparClass 6
Old NCERT History Class 7 – Romila ThaparClass 7
Old NCERT History Class 8Class 8
Old NCERT World History Class 9 PDF (The Story of Civilization Volume 1 PDF)Class 9
Old NCERT History Class 10 – The Story of Civilization Vol 2Class 10
Old NCERT History Books PDF Class 11 – Ancient India – Makhan LalClass 11
Old NCERT History Class 11 – Ancient India – RS SharmaClass 11
Old NCERT History Class 11 – Medieval India – Meenakshi JainClass 11
Class 11
Modern History of India by Bipin Chandra PDF Class 12Class 12
History of Modern India PDF – Class 12 – Bipan ChandraClass 12
Contemporary World History NCERT Class 12 PDFClass 12
Class 12

Old NCERT Books Geography

Old NCERT Geography Class 6 PDF – Lands and PeopleClass VI
Old NCERT Geography Books PDF Class 7 – Lands and PeopleClass VII
Old NCERT Geography Class 8 – Lands and PeopleClass VIII
Old NCERT Geography Class 9 – Resources and Regional DevelopmentClass IX
Old NCERT Geography Class 10 – Economic and Commercial Geography of India PDFClass X
Old NCERT Geography Books PDF Class 11 – Principles of Geography Part – 1Class XI
Old NCERT Geography Class 11 – Principles of Geography Part – 2Class XI
Old NCERT Geography Class 11 – Principle Basic of GeographyClass XI
Old NCERT Geography Class 12 – India – A General GeographyClass XII

Old NCERT Books Biology


OLD NCERT Books PDF in Hindi & English


Old NCERT Books Importance

If your dream is to crack the exam like UPSC / State PCS and you also want to become an IAS/IPS officer then this Old Ncert Books is like a boon for you. These Old books of NCERT are distributed by the National Council of Education, Research and Training (NCERT), these Old NCERT books are also published by them. If you want to achieve success, then only with the help of these old ncert books, you can achieve success in all the exams with good marks.

OLD NCERT BOOKS are basic books and are written in a simple language. NCERT Books prepare your base towards a solid preparation for the UPSC examination.

Those who are now preparing for competitive examinations or those who are preparing for a long time, they ask the same thing that are the old ncert books so perfect that by just reading them we can get good marks. So I want to tell all those students that these old ncert books are very good in the sentence itself, with the help of these old ncert books you can make all the concepts even stronger and you all understand that if our concepts become strong then we have no one. Nothing can stop you from achieving success in the exams.

the most important reason why OLD NCERT Books are important is that Every year around 30 to 40% of questions are directly asked from the Old NCERT textbooks and you can solve all these questions only when you have deep knowledge of all these and this complete knowledge leads you to this NCERT book only.

OLD NCERT Books Class 6,7,8,9,10,11,12 in Hindi PDF Download:

Download 6th Class NCERT

7th Class NCERT Download PDF

8th Class NCERT Download PDF

9th Class NCERT Download PDF

NCERT की कक्षा 6, से लेकर 12 तक की सभी विषयो की पीडीऍफ़ यहाँ से डाउनलोड करे

Download PDF

Study Material PDF for all Government Exams

GK / सामान्य ज्ञान 

MATHS / गणित 

ENGLISH / अंग्रेजी 

HINDI / हिंदी 

POLITY / राजनीती 

GEOGRAPHY / भूगोल 


Q1: How to Download Old Books of NCERT?

Ans: To download Old NCERT Books, you have been given the PDF of the complete books in the above tables, you can download these books with just one click.

Q2. Can these Old NCERT Books be useful for UPSC preparation?

Ans: Yes, if you want to prepare well for History, Geography, Biology and Politics, then this Old NCERT Book is like a boon for you.

Q3. Can I make all the concepts strong by using Maths Ncert Books?


Ans: Yes, we all know that Ncert Books makes all the concepts strong, so it will make your maths preparation even stronger.

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