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Basic Computer Knowledge PDF


Basic Computer Knowledge PDF for all Exams:- If you are searching for Basic Computer Fundamentals Notes, then here you are being provided a free PDF of complete Basic Computer Knowledge PDF for all competitive exams. Till now lakhs of students have benefited by downloading this Basic Computer Fundamentals Notes PDF, you can also take advantage by downloading this Best Basic Computer Knowledge Notes PDF.

In this you will be able to download Basic Computer Fundamentals Notes as well as PDFs of all its important questions, all these questions will prove to be very useful for all types of exams like college exams, Bank Exams, and other competitive exams. is an online educational website where we share Basic Computer Knowledge PDFs for UPSC, SSC, Bank, RAILWAY, LIC, and many more exams for free. This Basic Computer Knowledge PDF in Hindi Question Answer is very simple and easy to understand. In addition to Computer Knowledge, we have Maths, Reasoning, General Knowledge, General Science, Environment, Indian History, Indian Polity, Indian Geography, World History, English Grammar, Hindi Grammar, State Wise GK Notes, Handwritten Notes, Class Notes, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Static GK, One Liner Questions, Online Quiz, Test Series, Previous Year Exam Questions, Practice Book, Most Important Question Answers and Practice Sets etc also cover the basic topics.


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Basic Computer Fundamental Notes PDF

Basic Computer Fundamentals Book PDF is one of the most important sections in all competitive, campus placement and entrance exams for Government, Bank, and IT jobs. This page contains the sections of Computer Fundamentals Knowledge, Basic Computer Interview Questions and Answers PDF with subcategories like Basics, Data Structure, Internet, MS Excel, Software, Windows, and other sections.


The computer is an electronic device that is capable of receiving information or data and performing a series of operations in accordance with a set of operations. This produces results in the form of data or information. A computer is a machine capable of solving problems and manipulating data. It accepts and processes the data by doing some mathematical and logical operations and gives us the desired output. 

in other language Computer is an electronic machine which has been mastered in rapid calculation, today the use of computers is increasing in all fields, now the computer is not only used for addition and remainder, it is now a machine used even in rocket science. It is really such an amazing machine that processes our given Instructions (Input) and produces useful Results (output|).

Computer Hardware: It is the external part of the whole computer that we can see even by touching or in other language say that the parts and devices of the computer which we can touch and see are hardware. It is physically connected to the computer.

Computer Software: It is a set of instructions and programs. A computer needs a set of programs to program and run it, these are called software, which gives the ability to any user to work on the computer very easily.

Computer User: The one who operates the computer is the user because the computer needs to be operated and turned on at least once, to run any software, the user’s instruction is required.

Computer Data: Any type of instructions and programs in the computer are kept in the form of numbers which can be read and stored.

Computer Input: In order to process the computer or operate any software, we need to give input to the computer, it takes the input data in an organized way and processes them one after the other in the computer.

Computer Storage: To save the data and store it safely, a storage unit is required where the data is stored permanently. The storage unit performs the following major functions:

  • All data and instructions, before and after processing, are stored here, and
  • Intermediate results of processing are also stored here.

Computer Processing: Some operations are required to perform any task, these operations are arithmetic and logical operations, these operations are called processing. CPU processes the data and instructions from the storage unit and according to the instructions given, the data is provided to us, which is then sent back to the storage unit.

Computer Output: When we give any kind of instruction or input to the computer, it processes them and generates a result and output. All this output is stored in the storage unit before it is shown to us and is visible to us in a human-readable form.

Computer Control: Controlling of all operations like input, processing, and output are performed by the control unit. It takes care of the step-by-step processing of all operations inside the computer.

Computer Fundamental Notes PDF Download

Download Computer Fundamental PDF

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Basic Computer Knowledge PDF Download

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Computer Fundamental Notes Book PDF

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